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It may come as a surprise to learn that RPA Academy is not here to compete, we firmly believe in collaboration, not competition and exist to give our clients the confidence they need to undertake large automation programmes, safe in the knowledge that scalable RPA resource solutions are available.
Our Delivery Services team are in support of both the Partner and End User community, offering up ‘rpa.academy’ branded or ‘White Labelled’ accredited resources to any location. Our people can support you in the delivery of full RPA projects or provide the guidance required to build out a scalable, resilient RPA capability.

Our delivery services:

  • Project management, quality assurance,

  • Mentoring Services,

  • Process and coding health checks

  • RPA architecture, virtualisation design & implementation

  • Control Room hosting, management

  • On site / remote process development solutions

Please enquire directly via our contact form or info@rpa.academy!


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