RPA Academy

Robotic Process Automation Academy carries out classroom and online robotic process automation trainings and services, located in Budapest.  

The education environment and facility of the RPA Academy meet the latest standards and expectations. The training rooms are located in the Infopark area and there is a "Pearson Vue" test center too.

Due to the state-of-the-art technology solution and technical background, education can be organized outside our own training center!

Executive Briefing


Executives are leading their companies on digital transformations. The main driving force is increasing the competitive advantage. They are using an increasingly wide range of technologies, cloud and mobile platform. So are modern software engineering approaches and new tools for knowledge discovery, sharing, and collaboration. Robotic process automation (RPA) is the next.

Why is business worldwide adopting  RPA, how fast they’re doing so and what challenges they see to those implementations are presented and discussed.

The Executive Brief presents the technical and non-technical considerations in implementing RPA, share real use cases and our experiences, explains the choices that businesses face, and discusses what to look for in RPA technology and an RPA systems integrator.

Please enquire directly executivebriefing@rpa.academy

Boot Camp

Vendor approved, fast track Developer training program
Delivered onsite over 2 weeks, Delegates will be guided through the theoretical side of automation, before being exposed to real world use cases and complex scenarios in multiple business applications; Mainframe, Java, HTML, Windows etc.
On completion, Delegates can sit the Vendors formal Accreditation Exam, exiting Boot Camp with the core skills required to begin their journey into automation. The training facilities meet all standards, and expectations, located in Infopark, Budapest. Official Pearson Vue test center is also available.
Please enquire directly via our Contact form or info@rpa.academy regarding entry level requirements.

Business Analyst


Our Business Analyst Upskill course has been designed to bridge the knowledge gap between a traditional Business Analyst and the Blue Prism technology. 

The course gives a Business Analyst with a non-Blue Prism background visibility of how the Blue Prism application works, how a Blue Prism process is developed and the limitations of the technology. 

With this insight, we then progress into how a solution should be designed including the concepts of process re-engineering and fragmentation. Once this foundation has been established we then progress onto the Project Lifecycle including all documentation, Process Identification and Candidate Analysis.
Please enquire directly via our Contact form or info@rpa.academy regarding entry level requirements.


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